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Frequently Asked Questions

MemoriesToLast takes our customer satisfaction seriously. We strive to be upfront and honest and thus providing you with the best products that we offer.

We work worldwide with suppliers and artisans to bring quality and ingenuity, and thus by doing so sometimes there may be delays in getting our products to our customers in a timely fashion. This does not happen often but it may occur. 

Below are some more FAQ'S to keep in mind.


Q: I ordered the wrong size shirt, can I change it?

A: Once an order is placed on a apparel or clothing item the window of opportunity to submit a different size is about an hour or less. Therefore if a mistake is made after that there would be no way of changing the size.

Our clothing is custom printed and made to order, so once the printing company receives the order placed it goes straight to press. This all happens automatically and we have no control over this process. Be very sure of the size you want and need before ordering, if you have any questions on size email us at before you order.

Picture Quality:

Q: What types of pictures do I send.

A: We accept pictures in either jpg or png format. Your pictures must also be in a resolution that will be able to print properly. A picture sent with a resolution of 72 dpi will not have satisfactory results. Try to send pictures in resolutions of 150 dpi up to 300 dpi for the greatest results.

If we receive a bad resolution photo then we will contact you to send us a better quality photo.

Q: I received my phone case but I received the wrong case that I ordered.

A: We will send a replacement if indeed a wrong case you ordered was sent to you. DO NOT send the package back to our printing processing company. To ensure that a wrong case was sent please send us clear pictures of the case for verification and we will compare against our records.

Q: The quality of the print is awful or damaged. 

A: Sometimes a defective or poor print gets through quality control and gets sent out. If that is the case please send us clear pictures of this and we will make it right.

Q: Can I exchange my item as I really don't like it. 

A: All products are printed on demand which means once a customer orders a product it gets printed. We cannot "unprint" an item or return it to stock. If there is nothing defective with the item then unfortunately there is nothing we can do.

 Q: How do I return my damaged item?

A: You can us email us at first to discuss the issue. Once we determine that there is an issue with the item then you can mail the item back to us at the following address:

Terry Scott C/O MemoriesToLast

P.O Box 331 Didsbury Alberta CA T0M0W0

Products must be in the same condition as you received them. You are solely responsible for return postage. Shipping charges of any kind will not be refunded.

Q: How long is the shipping time until I receive my item?

A: Once an order is received it is a matter of hours or less before the process starts with your item. It will take approx. 5 to 8 business days for processing and printing the item. You can expect to receive your item within 7-14 days if you are in the USA. International customers it can take up to 10 - 21 days or less.

Our shipping times are also posted in the product description for that particular product.

Q: Where are your products made

Some of our Products and Printing Partners are USA based while others are based overseas. No matter where they are based you will get a quality product. We only source items that meets specific regulations and controls to give our customers products that will last and be proud of.

Q: Who comes up with you designs?

A: We do! Our designs are one of a kind as we design them ourselves. Many people try to copy our designs and do a bad job of it. We store all of our design source files at our location and they are only available to us.

Return Policy:

Q: What is the return policy.

A: Since our products are "Print On Demand" there are no returns accepted unless the item is lost in transit which unfortunately is out of our control. If an item is lost in transit we will notify you and you have the option to either have it re-made and shipped or get a refund.

Please note if you decide to have it re-made and re-shipped processing times are still the same due to the fact that we carry no inventory. If an item is damaged or bad print quality. Be sure to contact us immediately with the issue providing pictures of the issues. Once we are satisfied of a misprint, wrong item, or damage we will issue a re-make only of the original item purchased, processing times will apply.

Refunds will not be provided due to misuse, mishandling, lack of care, accident, abuse or any other abnormal use.

We have a 90 day replacement guarantee for our watches if their is a manufacturing issue with your watch. 

When returning defective items please use the address below. You are responsible for shipping costs for sending the item back.

Terry Scott C/O MemoriesToLast

P.O Box 331 Didsbury Alberta CA T0M0W0

Q: You made a mistake on my order, Now what.

A: Opps! We always do our best to get your order correct. Sometimes there are mistakes on our part and we apologize for this. Please email us at and we will make it right. Be prepared to send us any documentation and or pictures of the error.

Q: I ordered several items but only received 1 item, Where is the rest of my order?

A: Because we have artisans and suppliers throughout the globe you may receive your order in 2 or several packages. Do not feel worried, you will received all of your items. If there is by chance that you still have not received your item after a long period please contact us.

We do provide tracking numbers on all your orders so we can know when an item is delivered or not delivered.

Any questions not found here that you have please contact us at